Feel completely relaxed from head to toe with a tranquil massage from our qualified
therapists. Feel your stress melt away and serenity take its place.

Relaxation Massage

Start with an invigorating all over body exfoliation using finely ground olive pits blended with Renew Rose Body Wash. The exfoliation refines the pores revealing fresh new skin, after which you are enveloped in layers of Renew Rose Body Gel. With Renew Rose Body Oil, your therapist will use Swedish and neuromuscular massage techniques to stimulate the nervous system, encouraging healthy circulation. Continue to relax as your body is layered in hydrating Rose Body Cream and enveloped in a cocoon of heated blankets. Finally, a scalp massage using an inhalation of Frankincense releases tension and invites deep relaxation. After being massaged from head to toe, your skin will be left nourished, softened and delicately scented.

30 / 60 minutes

Aromatherapy Massage

Re-harmonize the mind, body, and spirit with a gentle massage using therapeutic essential oils to detoxify your skin and elevate your mood. The soft, aromatic massage with soothe your senses restore vitality to your whole being.

30 / 60 minutes